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In 2013 we believed that there was a better way to rent property. Since then, we’ve been building the alternative. Here’s what people have to say about us.

"It's really something that agents can't afford to miss out on".
"An Airbnb style review platform for residential tenancies, landlords and agencies".
"Movem allows tenants to review their rental experiences and, in the process, build up a reputation as a trustworthy renter."
"Movem was featured on BBC1 6.30pm news, 4th January."
"Have you checked out Movem yet? You definitely should. "
Westminster SU
"Movem has had a significant impact on the behaviour of students at BU and has rapidly become an invaluable outlet for students."
"We believe there is tremendous scope for this type of property analysis and are thankful it has started in Bournemouth."
"We hope that together we can improve the quality of housing in Swansea and crack down on rogue landlords."
"We are thrilled to be collaborating with Movem, we hope that they will become a staple at our University when searching for properties."
Imperial College Union
"We hope that by encouraging students to speak out about their experiences via Movem, we can put pressure on the bad landlords in the city and bring about real change."
"With Movem and Roehampton students’ union being in partnership we aim to provide a platform for students to channel their experiences."
"Did you live out this year? Rate your property! The more reviews we have in Oxford, the more Movem can help."
"Had a good or bad experience in private accommodation this year? Let future tenants know about your experience!"
Goldsmiths Students’ Union
"Speeding up the referencing process, and improving the quality of data is critical for both landlords and tenants – Movem’s proposition is truly innovative in this regard."
"The bigger it grows, and the more popular it becomes - and it is becoming more and more popular - it is something agents can't afford to miss out on."
Adams Lettings
"There's always two sides of each story and I think it's important that feedback is given to the agent so that they can improve if there has been an error."
MTM Agency